Time To Align - Australia

Because State Governments Can't Agree On Anything Together.

And That Red Tape Hurts You, Me And The Aussie Aftermarket Industry!

National Alignment Commitments of Major Federal Parties


The following table provides a list of which key items identified by the Australian modified motoring community which needs to be addressed under legislative alignment activities:

National Alignment Commitments of Major Federal Parties


Community Requirement Priority ALP LNP
Full Alignment of Modification Standards and Processes Across States and Territories High YES  
Move Modification Standards Centrally Under Federal Transport (Federal or COAG Managed)      
Qualified / Certified Auto-Mechanical Engineers Can Modify Beyond General Limits High   YES
Modifications Are To Allow Variations / Tolerances to Prevent Over Enforcement High    
Prevent Mandatory Test Standards if Facilities Are Not Readily Available      
Prevent Mandatory Test Standards if Cost Prohibitive For General Motorists      
Create Philosophy of Safe, Practical and Affordable Modification Standards      
Modifications Certified in Any State by An Approved Authority, To Be Accepted In Other States      

Reference:   Australian Electoral Commission – Current Register of Political Parties

Note 1:   This online voting party is unable to provide pre-election commitments, as all party policies, commitments and decisions are based around online voting of all Australian residents, which can’t occur before election.