Time To Align - Australia

Because State Governments Can't Agree On Anything Together.

And That Red Tape Hurts You, Me And The Aussie Aftermarket Industry!

Raising Campaign Awareness

Below is a copy of the “Request for Political Party Pre-Election Commitment” letter we have sent to EVERY political party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission. Many political parties have already returned commitment letters, and some are in the process of reviewing their policy in regards to supporting the Time To Align campaign. While we started contacted parties registered for the federal election during November 2018, it will take time for some of the bigger parties to review and decide whether to formally support the campaign or not.


How can we get our message across?

Download and print a few copies of the pre-election commitment letter below, put them in your car, and discuss this with every state and federal party which you see campaigning on the side of the road, in their offices, and contact them directly by phone and email, during the lead up to the federal election – ask for their support and commitment; their parties have all been forwarded the request and contacted, there is no reason any parties should not be aware of this campaign.


Join the following State / Territory “War Rooms”!

“War Driving” is a term normally used to describe hackers who drive around town looking for insecure WiFi Networks. We are using the term in the literal sense as part of the Time To Align campaign, to drive around town and seeking out active campaigning federal candidates, in order to present them with a copy of the above campaign letter, and tell them the motoring community has a voice, and its time for change. This is our war on individual state bungled legislation and the additional levels of red tape. It’s time for the Nanny States to stop.

Click on one of the state / territory flags below to join the War Room for your location – Happy hunting!


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