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Western Australian Party Pre-Election Commitments

13 March 2021


The following table provides a list of which Western Australian Political Parties have responded to our request to nationally align vehicle modification legislation, and what their pre-election commitment is:

Western Australian Political Party Pre-Election Commitments


WA Political Party Campaign Commitment
Animal Justice Party No Response
Australian Christians (WA) Formal Commitment
Australian Federation Party Formal Commitment
Australian Labor Party (WA) No Response
Daylight Saving Party No Response
Health Australia Party Formal Commitment
Liberal Democratic Party Formal Commitment
National Party of Australia (WA) Formal Commitment
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Formal Commitment
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (WA) Formal Commitment
Small Business Party / WAxit Party Verbal Commitment
(Written Commitment Coming)
Socialist Alliance WA Formal Commitment
Sustainable Australia WA Formal Commitment
The Greens (WA) Formal Commitment
The Flux Party – WA No – See Note 1
The Liberal Party of Australia (WA) Received Email Confirmation
Requesting Formal Letter
Western Australia Party Formal Commitment


View Western Australian Pre-Election Request



NOTE: Where the Western Australian political parties above have provided some form of commitment towards the “Time To Align” campaign, it does not mean we have any political affiliation with these parties, and voters should do their own research into each party’s other policies before casting your vote in the election. Click on the party name to be redirected to their website for further policy information.

Note 1:   This online voting party is unable to provide pre-election commitments, as all party policies, commitments and decisions are based around online voting of all Australian residents, which can’t occur before election.